9th Question

Even though a small action is nothing itself, it can be a special chance which sometimes gives us a special feeling. For example, catching a falling patal in early spring often gives me a special pleasure.
What's your suggestion or experience like this?
(Nothing Itself but Big Pleasure.)


Sleeping is....
the best way
to get
a new Energy. ^^*


Veteran novelist Park Kyung-ni, renowned for her masterpiece, ''Land'' (Toji), died from the after effects of a stroke, Monday. She was 82. Park, one of the most revered authors in Korea, had been in a coma since she suffered the stroke on April 4. ''Land,'' a 16-volume novel took 26 years to write and ― based around 300 characters ―depicts the turbulence at the turn of the 20th century when the Korean people were struggling against Japanese imperialism. Good-bye, Master...

6th Question

Nowadays, we can see a lot of English words everywhere.

What's your feeling about this syndrome?

5th Question

I usually go to see a beautiful lighthouse near a desolate beach whenever I am down.

Do you have any beautiful place to peace your mind when you feel blue?

4th Question

I have a unbelievable experience in my life. When I commuted from Sockcho to Gangneung, I had to drive myself for about an hour, twice a day. It was really hard but I had no choice because my wife worked in Sockcho at that time. However, as you know, supervising self-study at night ended sometimes 11 P.M. So it was already 1 A.M. when I got to my home in Sockcho. After short sleep(4~5hours), I had to get up early and restart to my school. One day, I experienced marvelous thing. As soon as I started to my school, I fell fast asleep while driving. No. I think that at that moment I caught some shut-eye for a while. Yes, really. BuuuuuuT!! I was reeeaaally surprised when I awoke from my sleep with a start. I already arrived near my school!!!! Can you believe this story? Actually I drove one-hour long distance in sleeping. During the day, I could not concentrate on my work as if I was possessed by a ghost.

In your life, do you have any unbelievable experience or mysterious experience?

3rd question

The Big 4 Musicals ( '')
(Phantom of the Opera & Cats & Miss Saigon & Les Miserables )

At the first time, I have seen the brilliant musical "Phantom of the Opera" in the National Theater when I was 21. It was not easy for me to make up the admission fee(at that time 70,000won) since my family was extremely poor. But , so far, I have never regretted having spent the money. Because I have never forgotten the thrilling feeling of that day penetrating my body & my heart. After the day, I always try to watch some big musical as much as possible. I think that some experiences of cultural performances & exhibitions make people recharge their life power.

Do you have any good cultural experience which has given you a big & new energy?

2nd question

What's the best way to have positive thought? Please tell me....

1st question

What kind of Korean novel do you like best? Why?